You may have heard the mention of PinUp Cosmetics back in December when I was invited to cover The Empire State of Mind event, curated by Heir PR. At that event, I was able to meet and speak with a few of the panelists, and one of them who stuck out to me was, Jadacy Shepard, CEO/Founder of PinUp Cosmetics. Her soft spoken voice, yet powerful and bold sense of style really reminded me of myself, and how I am often perceived. Jadacy shared with me that she would be making a trip to New York Fashion Week as she had some things that she would be apart of— but she never told me she would TAKE NYFW. 


TAKE - an amount of something gained or acquired from one session

Fast forward to this past weekend where PinUp Cosmetics was an official beauty sponsor for NYFW, and Jadacy’s brand was shown across a platform where emerging to established designers presented their most recent collections. Now if I had to count on my hand how many designers were introduced to PinUp Cosmetic’s product, I would have to have more than 6 hands, because over 30 designers participated in this illustrious occasion. That is how you TAKE NYFW, and leave nothing behind but traces of your lipsticks(see what I did there)! 

If you haven’t already done so, go check out PinUp Cosmetics to stay up to date with all things beauty.