5 Reasons Why Life is Easier in a Dress

     No, I'm not the girl who absolutely loves wearing a dress. In fact, I prefer to wear jeans and a blazer. But I must admit, some of my best days took place while wearing a dress. I'll make tho quick and easy for you. Here's 5 reasons why life is easier in a dress. Ready. Set. Read! Wear. 


1. For some odd reason, a dress can make the toughest of girls feel sexy and secure. No. I'm not insecure while wearing anything else...I mean come on, how does that sound? But when I wear a dress, a carefree spirit comes over me. A reminder that life doesn't always have to be so serious. A dress that flows, only shows you that you should do just that, go with the flow. 

2. There's only one piece! Ha, one thing that I can't stand is the iron and an ironing board. Don't get it twisted, I'm not for the "Hurry up and go." wrinkled look neither. If I must iron, at least there's only one piece to tackle. It's also great knowing that you have a complete outfit. No scavenger hunts for the perfect matching top or bottom here. 

3. Legs. We all have them...I hope. Show them off. In a time where people barely wear clothes, I thought I'd catch  you before you hop onboard with such a horrible trend. Let's give those guys something to dream about. Legs are a sexy part of your body that gives just enough. Warning ⚠️: If you apply Coconut Oil or Nivea body lotion, you're simply dressed to kill honey...in a good way that is.  

4. Dresses are the first thing you should throw in the midist of a staring at your clothing saying " I don't have anything to wear "moment. Snap out of it and continue on with your day. We have paper to chase!

5.  Dresses are also a gift great traveling essential. Are you the girl who has to sit ontop of her luggage just to be able to close it? Ha, yep that's me. Outfit security is a must, I mean you don't know what could happen. The more outfits you pack the more secure you feel...am I right or am I right? Pack those babies like never before. 


Now, you have a legitimate reason to spend that dough, now go out a rack up on those dresses! 

-Stride in Style