Here's To Being Original

     There's quite a bit of "fashion" out there but how many us can say that we have a true connection with the threads we wear? Our generation has to be the most confused ever. Why? Social media serves as the guide to the high life. Filters, spandex, hair, makeup, sneakers and such. Yep, that basically sums up the values of MOST of the world. And then there's us, those who are passionate about serving our purpose authentically. Remember that word?  Of undisputed origin; genuine. Sounds pretty darn awesome and to think that we were born that way. Natural winners; no preservatives included. Raw content that makes us who we are. A non replicated form of us. 

    Me Dee Stitch,the brand that us originators have been waiting  and searching for. The answer to individualism. Me Dee Stitch , a popular new clothing line, believes every person was gifted what they would need to thrive in life. These threads are woven with the power of being yourself. Some are blinded by couture and huge labels when the real fashion stands before us daily.