Here's To Being Original

     There's quite a bit of "fashion" out there but how many us can say that we have a true connection with the threads we wear? Our generation has to be the most confused ever. Why? Social media serves as the guide to the high life. Filters, spandex, hair, makeup, sneakers and such. Yep, that basically sums up the values of MOST of the world. And then there's us, those who are passionate about serving our purpose authentically. Remember that word?  Of undisputed origin; genuine. Sounds pretty darn awesome and to think that we were born that way. Natural winners; no preservatives included. Raw content that makes us who we are. A non replicated form of us. 

    Me Dee Stitch,the brand that us originators have been waiting  and searching for. The answer to individualism. Me Dee Stitch , a popular new clothing line, believes every person was gifted what they would need to thrive in life. These threads are woven with the power of being yourself. Some are blinded by couture and huge labels when the real fashion stands before us daily.

Can We Really Have It All?

The Best of Both Worlds (BOB Worlds) has hit the scene,giving us all more than we could imagine! What on earth am I talking about you ask? Oh honey have a seat and let's talk about what's new on the fashion scene. Do you have time for tea and talk over my new favorite line of tee's with me?

Hasani Kilpatrick has quite the story when it comes to how he put the fire under his own behind and started to focus on a business of his own.  

BOB Worlds was an idea that came into form in 2012.  Hasani spent time sketching out ideas for a clothing line and he came across  "The Best Of Both Worlds" a saying that has always come to mind when others would think of ways to describe him since he was always such a good shoulder to cry on for both his male and female friends. If you had issues; Hasani was your answer and boom! Just like that he became passionate about being just that...The Best of Both Worlds.  

2012 sounds like so long ago so why are we just hearing about this line four years later? Well as we goes on and we sometimes forget about our passions until they fall in our laps somehow and we have that "Aha, that's what the heck I planned on doing all this time!" moment.  "I wrote that idea in a sketch book one night and threw the sketchbook into the top of my closet and never opened it again until 2015." ,Hasani tells YSB.

After hearing a good word about fulfilling one's purpose from T.D Jakes,  something within Hasani sparked causing him to ignite his passion for BOB Worlds again.  Flipping through the pages of his "Manifesto Book" he realized immediately that had already jot down ideas and concepts for the brand! All he needed to do was to bring his brand to life. 

Graphic tee's will probably be the staple of the century but boy am I tired of the same ole " On Fleek" and let's not forget "100" t shirts. BOB Worlds will provide us with a sense of newness that we've been searching for while bridging the gap between women and menswear.


"My goals with Bob Worlds is to unite both men and women in fashion and to show that androgyny is OK when it comes to fashion (the best of both worlds) I feel that we get so consumed in the masculine and feminine labels and pronouns that it has created boring day to day fashion. While creating this line I have learned that Bob Worlds is really the artistic, dare-devilish part of me that I am afraid to release to the world because the world is so cruel to artistic individuals. I want to bring out that inner person in everyone through Bob Worlds. I do not only want Bob Worlds to be a clothing line, I want it to be a lifestyle. A forum that says its OK to be who you are, dress the way you wanna dress, say the things you wanna say, think the way you want to think, and do the things you want to do, which were the things I was restricted to for the longest and at times I feel as though I still am. I also feel as though this is the reason this idea set in a closet for years because it had ideas in it that I knew would be criticized. I have learned that when I put on my Bob Worlds shirt, I am fearless and ready to take on the world. I want Bob Worlds to bring that out of everyone. My thought is that everyone has a little Bob Worlds in them and what better way to bring that out than with fashion. Way better than being a therapist in a boring office." -Hasani Kilpatrick , Founder/CEO of BOB Worlds